HD360 Zoom Optical Clip Telescope Camera Lens

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Transform Your Phone Into A Professional Quality Camera!! HD360 Zoom Hot
Transform Your Phone Into A Professional Quality Camera!! HD360 Zoom Hot
Product Description:
Are you a social media aficionado who likes to post pictures of everything you do? How about someone
who likes to take pictures of outdoor objects, but doesn t want to spend money on a big camera with
a quality zoom? If you ve ever been jealous at the quality of some of the photos that you see, you
may be surprised to learn that they didn t spend hundreds or thousands of dollars on a standard DSLR
Those impressive photos could very well have been taken with the HD360 Zoom lens that attaches to
your smartphone! I know what you re thinking there s no way that a smartphone can take high-quality
photos like that. But I ll tell you that you are in for a pleasant surprise when you see what this
little lens can do.
And when I say little; I mean it. The HD360 Zoom is less than 3 long and weighs less than 2-ounces,
so it s extremely easy to carry around with you. And the fully universal clip technology allows you
to use the lens on any smartphone, so you won t have to buy a new one!
The HD360 Zoom was developed for the recreational photographer who wants to take professional
quality photos, but can t afford a professional camera. The price is affordable for almost any
budget and it s easy enough for anyone to use. If you ve ever had a dream about taking high-quality
photos from your smartphone, then your time has arrived!

Type: Phone Telescope
Material: Optical lens, ABS
Actual Magnification: 8X
Objective Lens Diameter: 25mm
Exit Pupil Diameter: 2.5mm
Field Angle: 6.2
Line Field: 96m/1000m
Size: 3*3*7.cm / 1.2*1.2*2.8
Package list:
1 x lens
1 x clip
1 x cover
1 x lens cleaning cloth